eFront ERM enables risk managers to professionalize and institutionalize their risk management system. With eFront ERM, risk managers can easily assess risks, define and track risk mitigation actions and report operating events. This helps them foster a rigorous risk culture in the organization, reduce the occurrence and impact of incidents, and provide stakeholders with clear and impactful reporting, bringing the risk function to the organization’s core.

Today's top challenges for risk managers

Risk managers can rely on a robust software solution that allows them to quickly and accurately assess their risks.
With eFront ERM Risk, risk managers demonstrate that risk management activity is a high added value activity essential for the organization.

Risk managers can unify a culture of risk that is shared across the organization .
With one modular platform covering every dimension of risk, eFront ERM ensures that all risk-related actors (risk management, internal control, internal audits) work on a common repository and share the same culture of risk.

Balancing the potential cost of risk with the number of resources needed to mitigate it can be difficult.
eFront ERM gives risk managers the tools they need to define an "acceptable level" of risk for the organization.

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Key product features

Pre-packaged deployment

For companies in need of an immediate risk management solution, we have developed ERM Ready. This version is based on industry best practices and benefits from more than 15 years of experience of eFront ERM in editing software solutions dedicated to operational risk management.

Easier risk mapping

eFront ERM helps identify, describe and assess risks in detail through standard or self-defined parameters, in addition those set by your activity and organization. Continuously monitor and improve your exposure by evaluating the inherent, residual and target criticality of your risks.

A robust risk mitigation system

For each risk, eFront ERM makes it possible to provide detailed information on the established control system. This information can be used to regularly assess and make improvements through the management of action plans. The control system covers all systems, procedures, controls and audits implemented to reduce the impact of the associated risks.

Incident management

Centralize the reporting of operating incidents across the organization, rigorously specify and qualify each incident, assess its impacts (direct and indirect), and associate these impacts with risk mapping to enable continuous improvement. Manage the incident lifecycle from end-to-end until actual closing.

Action plan management

eFront ERM allows you to define your action plans as part of risk management. This cross-functional feature makes it possible to manage and monitor the implementation and improvement of control systems and the resolution of incidents in order to reduce the cause of risks or to minimize the impacts of risks.


Benefit from best practice risk, incident, and action plan monitoring dashboards with embedded drill-down and look-through capabilities. Navigate across intermediate organizational levels down to actual risks, incidents and action plans.
Real data analysis tools and dashboards are used to generate standard reports specially designed for risk management (heatmaps or a breakdown of losses, for example).
Dashboards can also be fully-customized using the tool’s reporting and creation functions.

To-do list

Give leaders a quick overview of and direct access to all pending tasks via the "to-do list" menu. This menu includes tasks such as risks to assess, incidents to close and action plans to validate.

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