FrontHolding enables corporate lawyers to perform legal management of the subsidiaries and shareholdings.

With FrontHolding, corporate lawyers can centralize all company legal and capital information to gain a complete and accurate view of the organization chart of the Group.

FrontHolding is a standard, pre-configured, out-of-the-box corporate legal management solution that incorporates best practices in corporate law.


Today's top challenges for corporate lawyers

Access to company information at Group level can be complex.
With FrontHolding, legal and financial departments have simple, fast, reliable and shared access to the legal information of group companies.

Legal departments need to collect information from their local legal correspondents with the assurance that the information collected is correct and that data confidentiality is respected.
FrontHolding is a simple and intuitive company management solution that facilitates the data collection process by ensuring the confidentiality of the information entered.
User permissions makes it possible to restrict the scope of visible or non-visible companies.
User profiles makes it possible to supervise user rights: update rights or reading rights.
Finally, the consistency checks that assist the user secure the quality of the data recorded.

Stakeholders need a qualitative vision of the legal management of Group companies.
Thanks to the calculation technology integrated in FrontHolding, legal departments gain access to a range of detailed reports on the legal life of the Group: from company files to the complete organization chart of the Group, all data can be returned in the form of diagrams, tables or summary sheets.

Key product features

Quick access to company legal information

Record all Company general information such as legal name, legal form, registration numbers, addresses,
Visualize Corporate governance: the Board of Directors, functions held within the company, or lists of auditors.
Centralize legal documents such as meeting minutes, contracts, or company statutes.

Capital and shareholding monitoring

Register the initial capital of the company and record further capital evolutions.
Identify company shareholders; follow transactions between shareholders.
Visualize shareholdings.
Increase efficiency and security thanks to the automation wizard integrated into the software, which automates the distribution of dividends between shareholders or the completion of company mergers.

Design organization charts

Org charts are the easiest way to get an accurate representation of the Group organization.
With FrontHolding, there is no limit to creativity:
- Generate the org charts you need: global or partial, detailed or comprehensive.
- Diversify points of view: create bottom-up or top-down org charts
- Build personalized org charts: by activity, branch or region.
- Highlight recent changes (mergers, sales) or upcoming changes (purchases, transfers )
Once created, organization charts can be duplicated, updated and generated for any date .

Insightful reports

Benefit from a wide range of ready-to-use reports:
- Company overview sheet
- Persons and auditors summary
- Detailed list of Group companies
- Shareholdings list of parent entity
- Capital distribution and capital movements
More than 100 reports are available to detail current or historic data scenarios.

Delegation of authority

With FrontHolding, have a complete view of responsibility-sharing among the Group through the monitoring of all delegations of authority, including sub delegations.
When creating a delegation, use a secure automatic process to populate all legal information (company, giver, receiver).
Speed up efficiency by defining delegation templates.
Control the signature process.
Have quick access to all delegations by company and person and generate all related reports.

Ultimate beneficial owners

Identify the UBO for each company of the Group:
- FrontHolding displays the person(s) who own(s) 25% of company shares or voting rights (direct or indirect ownership), if any.
- If no UBOs are identified, FrontHolding displays any person(s) who hold a management position.
Increase security and efficiency by generating and securely storing the declaration form filled out with all legal data. Safely generate reports on the identified UBO(s) of the Group.

Fiscal monitoring

Download the Country-by-Country (CbCR) perimeter of the Group parent entity.

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