eFront ERM enables compliance, risk, control and internal audit managers to guard against the risk of non-compliance by using the industry-mandated obligations and regulations, as well as the standards and policies established by the organization as a repository of their controls, their action plans and their audit plans. With its transversal dimension, eFront ERM Compliance naturally complements the risk, control and audit modules with which it is fully interoperable.

Today's top challenges for compliance managers

Compliance officers are facing increasing pressure due to new and complex regulatory obligations. Exposure to the risk of non-compliance is more important than ever, and requires putting into place an effective control system.
eFront ERM Compliance makes it possible to manage this complexity by centralizing all the applicable regulations in a single framework. This framework empowers the organization to manage the risks, controls, action plans and audit plans related to compliance.

The concept of compliance risk is typically not well known by operations. The applicable framework is difficult to formalize and disseminate across the organization down to the lower levels.
eFront ERM Compliance provides the necessary tools to indicate all the regulations to which the company is subject. The regulatory framework can be viewed directly from the application. Thus, eFront ERM Compliance helps spread the culture of compliance risk within the organization by making regulations directly accessible and more easily understood.

It is essential for risk and control managers to be able to establish an effective and credible compliance risk management system that spreads down to the first level.
Integrated into the eFront ERM suite, the Compliance module allows compliance officers and the audit committee to guarantee to stakeholders that the compliance risk is clearly identified, that the company is in compliance with sector-wide standards and regulations, that any dysfunctions identified are reported and corrected.

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Key product features

Quick access to regulation

Describe in detail the policies, standards, laws and regulations to which your company is subject with eFront ERM. The application makes regulations accessible to all users via search pages, the tree structure or direct links from different objects. eFront ERM provides rapid access to regulation and spreads the culture of compliance risk within the organization.

A secure compliance risk assessment

eFront ERM makes it possible to assess each regulatory object at regular intervals, either individually at group level or at local level using various configurable indicators.

A cross module

Designed to be a complementary module to risk, control and audit modules, eFront ERM Compliance allows managers to maintain compliance control over time, as well as set up recommendations and action plans to ensure compliance and assess compliance risks.

Dynamic dashboards

Benefit from dashboards specially designed to manage non-compliance risks and compliance controls. These dashboards can serve as an entry point to simply navigate through organizational levels and thus facilitate the visualization of compliance incidents, controls and action plans.

To- do list

Give leaders a quick overview of and direct access to all pending tasks via the "to-do list" menu. This menu includes tasks such as new regulation, compliance incident to validate, etc.

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