eFront ERM enables internal audit professionals to effectively drive the entire audit process from mission planning to follow-up on recommendations. Internal audit managers can plan their audit according to risk. Allocating stakeholders to audits, preparing audits, managing audit plans, rolling out the work schedule, monitoring findings and recommendations, communicating with auditees: these activities are all made easier with eFront ERM. Internal audit managers and auditors save time and improve the quality and relevance of audits performed.

Today's top challenges for internal audit managers

For internal audit managers, it is often difficult to fully understand areas of real risk across the organization and to define relevant audit plans.
Thanks to its unique modular platform that brings together all risk repositories (risk, incidents, internal control, compliance, business continuity plans), eFront ERM provides internal audit with a 360° view of risk areas through entities and processes, and thus allows better targeting of missions.

Internal audit must be able to quickly trigger and effectively conduct ad-hoc audits in addition to scheduled and recurring audits.
Whatever the nature of the audit, eFront ERM makes it possible to implement and execute all types of audits by capitalizing on past audits to save time.

For internal audit managers, it is essential to be able to report on the activity and the performance of the organization to the stakeholders and, in particular, to the board of directors. This group requires a qualitative view of the organization’s risk exposure. Therefore, internal audit managers must be able to transmit exhaustive, accurate and reliable information, both explicitly and concisely.
Using the reporting technology built into eFront ERM, the internal audit department can provide stakeholders with personalized and relevant reports that reflect the function's activity and its risk assessment in accordance with corporate strategy.

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Key product features

Pre-packaged deployment

For companies in need of an immediate internal audit management solution, we have developed the ERM Ready version. This version is based on industry best practices and benefits from more than 15 years of experience of eFront ERM in editing software solutions dedicated to operational risk management.

Easier audit universe mapping

Identify your audit universe and formalize the auditable elements across the organization and processes.
Evaluate risk exposure, analyse the coverage of your universe and build your plan accordingly.

Secure management of audit plan management

Identify audits to be carried out through annual and/or multi-year plans and allocate main resources.
Plan audits to be performed through a dedicated GANTT.
Validate audits through a configurable workflow and revise your plan if necessary, thanks to features that capture metrics.

Simplified resource management

With the eFront ERM resource planning tool, manage the allocation of your resources according to their availability and competence.
Control the rate of resource allocation in real time.
The solution also offers the possibility to generate timesheets delineating the workload associated with each audit. This feature allows you to collect valuable data to calculate the resources needed for future missions.

Automate working programs

Save time thanks to the ability to automatically generate work programs. The eFront ERM solution allows you to create an entire working program from a generic or shared repository.
The work program is always adjustable: at any time, it is possible to modify, amend and manually add items to flexibly implement or maintain the work plan.

Recommendation and action plan follow-up

eFront ERM makes it possible to formalize the recommendations resulting from your audits, assign them to the auditees and entities concerned, and manage their implementation dates
Based on these recommendations, each auditee can also describe and manage the action plans implemented in order to cover the recommendations made. Auditor and auditee exchanges are captured in formal workflows and discussion forums.
The reporting tools and alerts offer secure monitoring of the recommendations and completion of the action plan.

Dynamic reports and editing of audit working papers

eFront ERM dashboards are specially designed to drive audit, recommendations and action plans. With their built-in functionality, dashboards can serve as an entry point to navigate through organizational levels and access audit, recommendations and action plans.
As real data analysis tools, dashboards are used to generate summary reports to track recommendations, the progress of action plans, resource allocation and audit results.
eFront ERM also offers the ability to automatically generate audit working papers: letter of audit, audit report (draft and final version of the report).

To- do list

Give leaders a quick overview of and direct access to all pending tasks via the "to-do list" menu. This menu includes tasks such as recommendations, action plans to validate, etc.

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