eFront ERM offers a powerful calculation tool that provides a detailed and cross-analysis of data through the application objects (risks, incidents, controls, audit), as well as a simple restitution in the form of tables and graphs specially designed for Enterprise Risk Management. eFront ERM makes it possible to manage and report on the company’s risk management.

Today's top challenges for reporting actvity

Given the amount of data and the multiplicity of sources (rising incidents, results of inspections, audits, etc.), understanding the performance of the organization against its risk exposure often requires complex calculations. Manual data processing is time-consuming, resource intensive and error prone.
eFront ERM collects information at all levels of the organization and consolidates it to gain a 360° vision of the level of risk exposure based on cross-risk analysis, internal control and internal audit.

It is often difficult to navigate through the different objects, campaigns and audits in search of unit or aggregate information.
eFront ERM provides quick and easy access to the right level of information using the search engine, the site tree or direct navigation from the dashboards.

To develop their dashboards, risk, control and internal audit managers cannot be satisfied with generic solutions poorly adapted to their business needs.
Thanks to a series of standard reports and graphic libraries dedicated to ERM and integrated into the engine of the solution, eFront ERM provides a powerful, relevant, and accessible management tool.

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Key product features

Pre-packaged reports

eFront ERM's Ready version has a standard set of reports for risk, control and audit solutions. This version is based on industry best practices and benefits from more than 15 years of experience of eFront ERM in editing software solutions dedicated to operational risk management.

An integrated and transverse module

eFront Analytics is a native tool, transversal to all modules, and fully integrated into the ERM platform.
It allows users to combine the axes of analysis and to produce graphical, dynamic, filterable and customizable reports on all the objects of the software.

Fully-customizable reports

Create your own dashboards and personalized reports to fit the needs of your organization.
eFront ERM's analytical platform is a fully open reporting tool that allows you to modify existing reports at any time and create new ones.

To-do list Powerful analytical engine

Benefit from a unique architecture implementing data cubes capable of analyzing a very large volume of data quickly.

Dynamic dashboards

Get the most value from your dashboards with onboarding tools that show you how to add customizations: apply filters, add charts, and save different models to your favourites to export to Excel or PDF.

Key Stats


Less time to produce monthly reports (Source: Real Client Case Studies)


Less time spent on manually uploading data into the systems (Source: Real Client Case Studies)


Increased confidence in data (Source: Real Client Case Studies)


Out-of-the box dashboards with eFront ERM Ready version

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